New World Guide: How To Obtain Tuning Orbs For Expeditions And Arenas

While much of New World is occupied with the PvP faction war, there is a variety of PvE content for players to explore as well. These come in two primary forms: Expeditions and Arenas. Expeditions are essentially dungeons, where a group of up to five players will venture into an instanced scenario to solve puzzles and defeat bosses. Arenas are special environments where a group of players can battle unique bosses for high-quality rewards. The catch is that you can't simply do these activities any time you want. While some Expeditions become available as part of the game's main story quest, you'll normally need some special items, called Tuning Orbs, in order to access Expeditions and Arenas on a regular basis. The game doesn't make it entirely clear how you go about obtaining Tuning Orbs, but thankfully that's what this guide is for. Here's what you need to know to obtain Tuning Orbs for PvE in New World.

Tuning Orbs, Explained

Tuning Orbs essentially serve as one-time-use keys to PvE activities. Each of the game's six expeditions, as well as the three Arenas, require a specific Tuning Orb to access. These orbs are consumed upon entering the activity, but only one player in a group needs to use their orb in order for the whole group to participate. Tuning Orbs are crafted using the Stonecutting trade skill, and higher-level Arenas and Expeditions require a much higher Stonecutting skill level in order to craft their corresponding Tuning Orbs. You'll also need some relatively rare crafting resources for higher-level Tuning Orbs, which can become expensive. The Tuning Orbs are "bind on pickup" items, meaning you won't be able to sell or trade them either, so make sure you use them wisely.

New World Tuning Orbs List

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As mentioned previously, there are six Expeditions and three Arenas in New World. Each contains unique rewards and high-quality items you will want to acquire, and there are also repeatable quests for some Expeditions that can be a great source of experience points. Here are each of the Expeditions and Arenas, and what you'll need to craft their corresponding Tuning Orbs.

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